Make.Do. is founded on the idea that everyone is created in the image of God. This means everyone is valuable and creative. Make.Do. wants to harness that creativity to provide a place for adolescent girls and adult women to encounter God’s true heart for them as they practice and experience acceptance, kindness, love, and hope.

Make.Do. believes creativity can be a valuable avenue for connection and compassion, offering a tangible way to follow Jesus’s Greatest Command to love ourselves and others. This is the Gospel in action: an opportunity for unconditional love to be experienced naturally within community.

Make.Do. is faith-based in origin and ethos. However, there is no expectation that everyone who participates in the ministry will share the same beliefs. Instead, Make.Do. seeks to help women celebrate their differences so they can embrace the harmony in their diversity. Our desire is that every woman who walks out of our doors leaves with the knowledge that she is important, she is valued, and she is deeply loved.

Make.Do. is teaming up with local organizations that serve adolescent girls and women by incorporating creativity into their existing programs. Make.Do. seeks to help participants recognize personal value, identity, and purpose through various forms of creative activity. When possible, projects can be tailored to help women find hope in a particular circumstance (like teaching pregnant teens to make a baby quilt).

Make.Do. also offers classes and workshops for the public. Whether it’s a six-week introduction to sewing, a weekend workshop on furniture restoration, or an evening paint class, we want to offer ways for women to engage with each other naturally and begin to build community with people they may not normally encounter. Participating in Make.Do.’s mission empowers adolescent girls and adult women to become ambassadors of compassion by giving them opportunities to share Hope and Love as they encourage each other through the creative process.