Jo Ellis | Founder & Director

Jo graduated from Harding University with a degree in Interior Design. Not knowing what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she continued her education and received an MBA in International Business. Still unsure of her forever-purpose, Jo tucked her degrees away and started collecting random work experience instead. She has been a barista at Starbucks, an apparel manager for an outdoor outfitter, a swim coach, and a Les Mills BodyPump instructor. In 2010, she added “missionary” to the list when she joined a team bound for Ireland. During her three years in Dublin, Jo participated in house church and Bible study, worked at a summer youth camp, and attended the Irish Bible Institute, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology. She also had several opportunities to begin sharing her creativity with others. Whether it was leading crafts with teen girls, teaching sewing to a group of women affected by prostitution, or hosting craft-days for local churches, Jo witnessed the positive impact creative activity was having on these women and the vision for Make.Do. was born. For the first time ever, Jo’s seemingly unconnected education and work experience began to meld into a single purpose: the development of a craft-based ministry.
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Amy Cox | Board Chair

Amy Cox is the director of the Interior Design program at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Prior to her 15 years of teaching, she worked in design, sales, and facilities management. She is married to Dwayne Cox and has two daughters, Maggie Lake who is married to Jackson Lake and Katie Cox.

Having spent her career in a creative profession she believes strongly in the transformative power of the creative process in society and in individuals’ lives. Recognizing God as a creative being who values beauty has always inspired her and she loves to share those values with others.

Jes Mason | Board Member

Jes Mason has been working as a pediatric emergency nurse at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas since receiving her Bachelors in Nursing from Harding University in 2008. She completed her Masters of Science in Nursing Education in 2013 and is currently in nurse practitioner school. Her nursing career allows Jes to pursue her passion of showing love to others through service and education.

God has infused Jes’s heart with extra doses of joy and love. She finds great satisfaction in sharing these gifts with those around her. Exploring creativity through various forms of craft is one way Jes can tangibly brighten the lives of others.

Casey McLeod | Board Member

Casey McLeod is co-owner and pharmacist at Medical Center Pharmacy in Searcy. Casey completed her doctor of pharmacy degree at the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences in 2001 and has since worked as a pharmacist in the Searcy community. Working in a community pharmacy provides Casey the opportunity to express her love for others and the desire for each person to feel important in the eyes of the Father. Casey and her husband Todd have 3 children, Cooper, Avery, and Lindy.

Casey believes that, being made in the image of Creator God, each individual is a creative being. Expressing that creativity is an integral part of connection with God and others. God speaks to us through the beauty He has created on the earth AND through the beauty that is created by our hands. Although creativity has always had its place in Casey’s life, it was not until her thirties that she discovered her talent in painting. Since that time, she has created multiple pieces and now manages Searcy’s Art Alley. Much of her motivation in growing as an artist is seeing God’s hand in her own creative process and sharing creativity in community.

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