Book Bouquet Embroidery Tutorial

Based on our limited research, we’ve come to the conclusion that the venn diagram of people that like to read and craft is basically a circle. So it’s no wonder that the Book Bouquet class has sold out three times!


Gather the following supplies:

Here’s a playlist with short tutorials for all the stitches we used. Feel free to swap them out for your favorites!

If you’ve never traced a pattern before, keep reading for some of our tips for success.

Pattern prep.

We’ll start by tracing the pattern. Draw as lightly as possible and try not to be too “sketchy” with your lines. That will make it easier to cover your pencil marks later.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Center your fabric on top of your pattern.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Hold your fabric taught as you trace. Be sure to transfer all the lines.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Center your fabric on the inner hoop.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Now add the outer hoop.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Tighten the screw and pull your fabric edges to take out any slack inside the hoop.

harvest embroidery tutorial

Now the fun part! Decide where you want to use each color. I like to try a few different arrangement to see which I like best. There's no wrong answer here, so don't fret too much.

You did it!

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