Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Be Createfull Podcast | Episode 27 What is Imposter Syndrome? Are you dealing with imposter syndrome? As the name implies, Imposter Syndrome is… well… feeling like an imposter. It’s the mix of “fraudy feelings” that cause you to doubt your own abilities and knowledge, reduce your successes to luck or external circumstance, and make it […]

Episode 14 Show Notes

createfull holiday musings

Episode 14 | Createfull Holiday Musings Real tree or fake? White or colored lights? Did Santa wrap your presents? This week, we’re talking about random holiday memories for our childhoods, how we celebrate  now, and the role creativity plays in it all. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Other links and mentions… Meredith Ann’s Instagram account Mannheim Steamroller […]

Episode 12 Show Notes

be createfull podcast episode 12

Episode 12 | The Benefits of Creativity Phew! 2020 has been a wild ride! We’re following up with previous conversations about creativity as a therapeutic outlet and form of stress management and self care with more discussion about some of the ways we currently benefit from creative expression. In this episode… Managing perfectionism and fear […]

Episode 11 Show Notes

be createfull episode 11

Episode 11 | The Creative Process We mention “the creative process” countless times on Be Createfull. This week, we explain what we really mean when we say things like, “creativity isn’t about the product, it’s about the process.” We each outline key steps or phases in our own creative processes, then discuss the myriad of […]

Episode 9 Show Notes

creativity as a therapeutic outlet

Episode 9 | Creativity as a Therapeutic Outlet In this episode, we welcome Be Createfull’s first guest: Stephanie O’Brian. Stephanie is a licensed counselor, Upward Bound Director, and Make.Do. participant. She is also a dear personal friend. Her expertise makes her the perfect person to have this conversation on creativity as a therapeutic outlet.   In […]

Episode 8 Show Notes

creative pet peeves

Episode 8 | Creative Pet Peeves We needed a palette cleanser after last week’s serious conversation about social tension. This week’s conversation about our creative pet peeves gave us plenty of opportunity to vent some pent up frustration.  In this episode… A few pet peeves about creativity and creative-adjacent things Some loud construction noise A […]

Episode 7 Show Notes

be createfull podcast episode 7

Episode 7 | Creativity & Social Tension Y’all, this was a tough one. We tried to stay focused on how creativity can help us navigate social tension while leaving our own opinions and biases out of the conversation. In this episode, you’ll hear us stumble to find the right words, struggle to speak through tears, […]

Episode 6 Show Notes

be createfull episode 6

Episode 6 | Myths of Creativity There are a lot of myths we believe about creativity. Whether someone is a seasoned “creative” or just beginning to explore creativity, these lies are major barriers to being createfull. In this episode, we discuss ten myths we (and some of our Make.Do. participants) have believed about creativity.  Ten […]

Episode 4 Show Notes

Episode 4 | The Problem With Perfect Perfectionism is one of the biggest barriers to being createfull. In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the “problem with perfect” through the lens of our own experiences, struggles we see among participants at Make.Do., and how the creativity helps us overcome perfectionism.   In this episode… […]

Episode 3 Show Notes

how to be a good beginner

Episode 3 | How to Be a Good Beginner We’re following up last week’s episode with some practical steps that have helped us be good beginners. They won’t make you an overnight success, but hopefully you will be encouraged to try something new! In this episode… Do your research. Talk to a real person that […]