Spooky Garland Tutorial

Get in the creepy-cute mood while you create this spooky garland. Follow along with the pictures to learn how to make pom-poms, turn them into Halloween favorites, and string them together into a versatile decoration. Where will you hang your spooky garland?  Supplies: Grab a kit or gather the following supplies: Orange, black, and white […]

Scrappy Gnome Tutorials

Scrappy Gnome Tutorials Welcome to Merry Make.Do.! This is our first time offering craft kits and tutorials so you can Make.Do. at home. Now you can participate in our mission of creativity, connection, and compassion from anywhere!  These tutorials were created to be used with our Gnome-in-a-Bag kits, but you can absolutely still participate with […]

Episode 13 Show Notes

barriers to creativity

Episode 13 | Barriers to Creativity We’ve already talked about the specific steps in our creative process and outlined some of the benefits of creativity. This week, we’re tackling a few of the things that keep getting in our way. We divide these barriers into internal and external categories, share stories from our own experience, […]

Episode 10 Show Notes

stress management and self care

Episode 10 | Stress Management & Self Care We’re following up to last week’s episode with a conversation about stress management, self care, and how creativity can help. It seems like 2020 is playing racquetball with our emotions. A pandemic. Racial injustice. Economic uncertainty. A heated election. We just keep getting slammed against the wall, […]

Episode 5 Show Notes

be createfull podcast episode 5

Episode 5 | Letting Go Of Perfect We’re following up to last week’s episode on perfectionism with 10 practical tips on how to let go of the need to be perfect. And although these tips won’t perfectly cure perfectionism, they will offer some perspective on ways to not let it have so much control on […]