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A couple of sentences about what we offer for kids and why Make.Do. is awesome.

My kid loves taking classes at Make.Do. He is more confident at school. Madison is amazing. — So and So, parent

We've got sewing classes for every level.

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Level 2

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Level 1

For anyone that has never taken a machine sewing class at Make.Do.

Learn the basics.

Everyone starts here. This class focuses on getting comfortable with the sewing machine, sewing straight seams, and a basic understanding of sewing "rules."
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Level 2

For anyone that has taken Level 1 and wants to keep learning more.

Grow your skills.

Let's go beyond the basics! This class builds on the skills learned in Level 1 while encouraging participants to learn new techniques and become more independent.
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Level 3

For anyone that has completed 3 rounds of Level 2 and is ready for more challenge.

Hone your craft.

This class gets into the "nitty gritty" of sewing by tackling bigger and more complicated projects. Level 3 requires patience, attention to detail, and sewing competence.
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Not into sewing? We've got you too!

  • Harry Potter and Minecraft 
  • Watercolor
  • Cardboard Loom Weaving
  •  And more!

Come celebrate with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kids need to be in at least 2nd grade to take machine sewing. Some classes, like hand sewing, are available for 1st graders. Age limits are listed on the registration page for each class.

Only for Level 2 and Level 3 sewing classes. Otherwise, no experience is needed!

Our creative classes are open to everyone. We try to offer a wide range of one-off and weekly classes so there’s something for everyone. Minecraft and Harry Potter classes are especially popular for boys.

No. We require Level 1 regardless of previous experience. This helps ensure that everyone is comfortable with our machines, terminology, and process. We want everyone to feel confident for Levels 2 and 3.

We want to make sure everyone is equipped to have the best sewing experience possible! After a student has shown skill-competency at Level 2, Madison will reach out directly and offer a Level 3 class for you child. If your child is interested in moving on, Madison can help get the ready.