Macrame Leaves Tutorial

This craft is inspired by changing seasons and falling leaves. Hang your macrame leaves together on a stick or dowel rod. You can also display them in pairs or alone throughout your home. Use them to pull back curtains, hang them from a lampshade, or loop them around a door knob. Where will you display your macrame leaves?

macrame leaves tutorial


Grab a kit or gather the following supplies:

  • macrame cord – 12 yards (small leaf) or 24 yards (large leaf). I like this one, it’s 5mm and single strand.
  • comb 
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • stick or dowel rod (optional)
  • cutting template

Cut the cord.

Before you start cutting, decide what size macrame leaves you want to make. I made large leaves with three of my bundles and two small leaves with the fourth one. 

For the BIG LEAF (approx. 8" tall)

  • 17″ for the center (or longer if you want to hang it from a stick like the example below.)
  • 10″ x 8 pieces
  • 9″ x 6 pieces
  • 8″ x 6 pieces
  • 7″ x 6 pieces

For the SMALL LEAF (approx. 6" tall)

  • 13″ for the center 
  • 7″ x 6 pieces
  • 6″ x 6 pieces
  • 5″ x 6 pieces
macrame leaves tutorial

Fold your center strand in half or attach it to your stick or dowel rod with a lark's head knot.

macrame leaves tutorial

Fold one of your longest strands in half. Lay it under your center strand with the loop on the left.

macrame leaves tutorial

Fold another strand in half. Lay it on top of your center strand with the loop on the right.

macrame leaves tutorial

Pull the ends of each strand through the loops of the opposite strands.

Pull tight, making sure to keep you center strand flat.

macrame leaves tutorial

Repeat this process for each section, working from longer to shorter pieces.

macrame leaves tutorial

As you go, push your sections close to each other to eliminate any gaps.

macrame leaves tutorial

You can slide your "leaf" along the center strand to get it in the right place. Cut off any access cord, leaving about 2 inches at the bottom.

Comb it out.

macrame leaves tutorial

Begin combing your strands with the wide end of your comb.

macrame leaves tutorial

Use your opposite hand to hold the cords in place. Tighten knots as they loosen.

macrame leaves tutorial

After you combed the front, flip it over and comb everything from the back. Alternate between the wide and narrow side of the comb as needed.

Trim it up.

macrame leaves tutorial

Comb your strands downward slightly.

macrame leaves tutorial

Lay your cutting template on top of your leaf.

macrame leaves tutorial

Cut around the template using a rotary cutter or scissors.

macrame leaves tutorial

Remove your template and comb out your leaf again. Trim away any stray fibers. If you're making your leaves into a wall hanging, you may need to trim them again once everything is hanging. You can spray them with starch or hairspray if they're being unruly.

Repeat for the rest of your leaves! Use leftover cord to make a colorful leaf. Or to hang your masterpiece on the wall.

You did it!

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