Fabric Masks


The CDC is now recommending the use of fabric masks in public. The primary purpose of these masks is to prevent the spread of YOUR germs, they are not designed to protect the wearer against COVID19 or any other microscopic nasties.

These masks have a wire insert along the top to give a more secure fit against the nose and cheeks and a slot on the inside to insert an optional filter. Choose between elastic (adult and kid sizing) or knit ties. Elastic is great for personal errands, like running to the grocery story. Knit ties are recommended for prolonged wear.

Kid masks are cut slightly smaller with shorter elastic. If you’re unsure of sizing, err on the side of the mask being too large. Do not purchase masks for children under two.

In addition to protecting our community from the spread of COVID19, purchasing a mask also helps support Make.Do. while our studio is closed to the public.

We are able to make around 60 masks a day, so thank you in advance for your patience! You will receive an email when your order is complete and ready for local pickup or to be shipped.