Quarantine Craft Camp: Cardboard Loom Weaving

Loom weaving is a simple craft with a big WOW factor! This project uses minimal supplies and can probably be done with things you already have around the house.

For our sample, Maggie used a cardboard box, yarn, ribbon, and strips from an old t-shirt. You’ll also need a stick or dowel rod if you want to take your weaving off the loom to display.

You can make your cardboard loom weaving as big or as small as you want! Teeny tiny weaving can be turned into boho necklaces or strung together to make garland. A big weaving would make an awesome wall hanging for your bedroom.

We want to see your QuaCCky masterpieces! Share them in our Facebook group or on Instagram (be sure to tag @makedocreate and #thisisQuaCCky)

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