Quarantine Craft Camp: Watercolor

A lot of times, we use “creative” and “artistic” interchangeably. When we say things like, “I’m not creative”, what we really mean is “I’m not artistic.” Because the truth is that every one is creative. Yes, even you! That doesn’t mean that creativity will come easily for everyone, it just means that we all have the capacity to create.

On the other hand, not everyone is artistic. And that’s ok! In fact, that’s why I love watercolor so much- it blurs the line between “creative” and “artistic”, making me feel way more confident in my creative abilities.  

That’s why we’re exploring watercolor for the first day of QuaCC. It takes some practice, but hey, we’ve got plenty of time for that right now! Follow along as Elizabeth teaches a step-by-step tutorial for painting roses. She also explains the basics of watercolor supplies. 

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What you need...


Elizabeth talks more in-depth about the different types of supplies (paper, paint, and brushes) at the end of the video. Jump ahead to hear her suggestions for good entry-level supplies and what to try when you’re ready for a bigger investment.

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