Quarantine Craft Camp, Day Zero

Things are a little weird out there right now. I don’t know much, but I do know one thing… Creativity makes it all a little bit better! It’s good for our brains. It makes time fly by. It reduces stress. It (probably) reduces sibling in-fighting too.

Let’s make this the most createfull quarantine ever! Welcome to Quarantine Craft Camp (aka QuaCC, because we’re all bound to go a bit stir-crazy).

This post will be updated as we continue to add classes in the coming weeks.

The Supplies:

You can purchase supply kits to pick up at Make.Do.’s studio or to be delivered to your Searcy home. Just like our classes, all supply kits are Pay-What-You-Can.

If you don’t live in Searcy, you can order supplies from our Amazon List or make a very quick, very essential run to your local craft store.

The Schedule

You can join QuaCC daily for the Live video in the Make.Do. Group. If you miss it, you can watch it in the group later or find it posted in a blog recap at the end of each day (I think. If that doesn’t work, I’ll keep trying to find a way to share it with you non-Facebookers).

Week One

  • Watercolor- paints, brushes, watercolor paper. Watercolor supplies can be confusing. We will go over the different options in detail during the QuaCC class.
  • Embroidery- embroidery hoop (6″ for Yoda and Bloom, 8″ for Goodness), needle, embroidery floss, pattern (PDF will be available to download)
  • Cardboard Loom Weaving- piece of cardboard, yarn, other materials like ribbon, strips of an old t-shirt, etc.
  • Brush Lettering- we will use crayola markers for class and will discuss other supply options
  • Macrame- 80ft of 5mm macrame rope or clothesline (from Walmart), a small metal or wooden ring
  • Scrap Quilt Blocks- lots of fabric scraps, a quilting ruler with 30/60 degree lines, rotary cuter and mat
Week Two
  • Sewing Machine 101
  • Sewing Machine Q&A, face mask demo
  • Crochet- crochet hook, yarn
  • Stained Glass art- colored cello wrap, soapy water
  • Doodle Lettering- markers, pens, paper
  • Hand Embroidery-

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