Quarantine Craft Camp: Embroidery

Hand Embroidery is in my top 5 favorite crafts of all time! It is one of the few things that lets my brain drift into that beautiful state of nothingness (something we could all use right now). Of course, you can embroidery with your favorite show or podcast playing in the background, but I encourage you to try it in silence. It’s like createfull meditation.

This video demonstrates three beginner embroidery stitches: backstitch, lazy daisy, and stem stitch (my personal fave). I also show how to finish your fabric if you want to display your project in the hoop.

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What you need...

You can shop Make.Do.’s Amazon List to purchase any of the supplies listed. (Note: this is an affiliate link and is a great way to support Make.Do. at no extra cost for you!)

Print and Prep

This part isn’t covered in the video, so listen up. The easiest way to transfer your pattern is to simply trace it onto your fabric. If your fabric is too thick or dark, try holding it up to a window to create a makeshift “light box.” You can also trace your pattern with heat transfer pens and iron it on.   

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