Quilted Trees

Finding the perfect tree can be fun endeavor. This year take it a step further and make your own! These mini quilted trees make for a festive way to use up fabric scraps and enjoy a creative experience with family and friends. Follow along with the pictures to learn how to make each colorful bough, pin it and layer them to create a unique tree. Where will you put your little tannenbaum?


Grab a kit or gather the following supplies:

  • Fabric for 51 two and a half inch square (17 in each of the 3 colors)
  • About 200 5/8″ straight pins
  • 4 1/4″ Foam cone
  • Wooden or plastic spool (or something else for the trunk)
  • Ruler
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • Bits and bobs to decorate with (pipe cleaners, pom poms, ribbon, colorful sewing pins)  

Cut your fabric...

Use your ruler and pencil to measure 2 1/2 inch strips. Then cut each strip into 2 1/2 inch squares. 

Continue measuring and cutting until you have 44 squares. Its a good idea to cut a few extra.

Fold your fabric ...

Fold your fabric in half and press down on the crease with your fingers.

Unfold the fabric and fold in a half again, creasing the fold with your fingers.

Put your finger at the bottom middle of the crease and fold the right side up to meet the foldline.

Repeat with the other side. Make sure to crease both folds.

Pin the bough to the tree...

Get your fingers ready! We will be pushing a lot of pins here. You can use a glove or a band-aid to pad your fingers.

Place your bough about 1/4 inch above the bottom edge of the cone. Use one pin to secure each flap in the middle of the bough. Then use one pin to secure each corner. Repeat on the opposite side of the cone.

In the middle of the first two boughs, pin another bough in place. Repeat on the other side.

Between two boughs, place another one, making sure the straight edge is level with the rest of the bough.

Repeat this process three more times until you have 8 boughs on your first row. 

Make three rows...

Hurray! One row is done. Place each row 1/4” above the previous one.

Place your next bough on top of one of the first row boughs.

Place your next bough on the opposite side of the cone and continue as you did for the first row.

For your third row, you will only use 6 boughs.

Pin two boughs on opposite sides of the cones and fill in the gaps with two boughs each.

Finish the remaining rows...

The rows will start to get smaller from here. You may need to tug at the corners of your boughs to get them to wrap around your cone. 

Row 4-6: four boughs

Row 7-8: three boughs

Row 9-11: two boughs

The last three rows are made up of rows of two. Place them opposite each other. Make the next row fill the gaps left by the previous row .

Pin the final row in place. If you find that there is a gap at the top, you can use an extra couple of squares to cover the gap. Reminder: there will be a topper that helps to cover the top.

Use a hot glue gun to pipe a ring of glue around the spool...

...and place the spool in the middle of the cone.

Create a bow and stick a pin through the middle into the top of the cone.

Your all done! For a different look, you can use a pom pom or a pipe cleaner folded into a star to top the tree.

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