Spooky Garland Tutorial

Get in the creepy-cute mood while you create this spooky garland. Follow along with the pictures to learn how to make pom-poms, turn them into Halloween favorites, and string them together into a versatile decoration. Where will you hang your spooky garland? 


Grab a kit or gather the following supplies:

  • Orange, black, and white yarn (12 yards for each pompom)
  • 8 googly eyes
  • plastic yarn needle or pipe cleaner scrap
  • 4 black and 1 brown pipe cleaner 
  • scissors
  • hot glue or white glue

Start with a pompom...

Use the following steps for the Pumpkin and Spider. The Ghost is a little different, so we’ll get to him later.

spooky garland tutorial

Cut 10 inches from your yarn bundle and set aside for a later.

spooky garland tutorial

Wrap the remaining yarn around 4 fingers. Be careful to not wrap it too tight.

Keep wrapping until your yarn bundle looks like this (or until you use all your yarn).

Slip the bundle off your fingers, being careful that it doesn't unravel.

spooky garland tutorial

Lay your bundle on top of the 10 inch string you cut earlier.

Use the string to tie a knot around the bundle. Be sure it's really tight so your bundle doesn't fall apart.

Make a pumpkin...

spooky garland tutorial

Cut your brown pipe cleaner in half.

spooky garland tutorial

Curl it around a pencil, leaving one end straight.

Slide the straight end under the knot on your pompom. Twist it around the knot to keep it in place. You made a pumpkin!

Make a spider...

Your spider is most likely going to be black, but we’re using purple to make it easier to see the instructions.

Slide your scissors between a few loops and snip.

Repeat this process until all of your loops have been cut.

Shape your pompom by trimming off the longer yarns. Go slow! You can always trim off more yarn, but you can't put it back if you cut it too short. Tip: change how you hold the pompom as you trim, this will help you find longer strands and make your pompom nice and round.

Cut each of your black pipe cleaners in half.

Slide one end through the center of your pompom.

Bend the pipe cleaner where it comes out of the pompom to make two legs.

Now add feet by making another bend near the end of the pipe cleaner.

Repeat this process three more times to give your spider eight legs. Glue on your googly eyes to compete your spider! 

Make a ghost...

Just like our purple spider, we’re making a green ghost so you can see the directions better.

Cut two 8 inch pieces from your yarn bundle. Set aside.

Wrap your bundle around your fingers and thread one of the 8 inch pieces through the top.

Slip the bundle off your fingers and make a tight knot.

Make your ghost's head by tying the other strand a little way down from the top of your bundle.

Cut the loops on the bottom half of the bundle only. Glue the googly eyes in the center of your ghost's head. Your ghost is finished!

The last step...

Now it’s time to finish your spooky garland! Start by arranging your pumpkins, spiders, and ghosts in whatever order you want.

Thread your thin piece of yarn (or any yarn scrap) through the yarn needle.

Pass the yarn through the top of the pumpkin...

...the middle of the spider...

...and the head of the ghost.

Your all done! Space your pompoms as close together or far apart as you like. We used some scrap yarn to add little orange bows to the ends of our garland.

You did it!

We want to see what you made! Be sure to tag Make.Do. if you share it on social media so we can brag on you. 

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