Wintergreen Watercolor Tutorial

O, Christmas tree, how difficult you are to bring inside! These watercolor tree paintings are much simpler to display in your home and are a joy to make. Using only few colors and some simple techniques, you can enjoy these evergreens well beyond the Christmas season. This painting is taught by Elizabeth Reeves and has […]

Harvest Embroidery Tutorial

harvest embroidery tutorial

hand embroidery is one of our favorite crafts at Make.Do. and there’s something about cooler weather that makes it even better! This harvest embroidery kit is designed as a stitch sampler, which means you get to practice six different stitches and end up with a new masterpiece to add to your cozy decor! Supplies: Grab […]

Macrame Leaves Tutorial

macrame leaves tutorial

This craft is inspired by changing seasons and falling leaves. Hang your macrame leaves together on a stick or dowel rod. You can also display them in pairs or alone throughout your home. Use them to pull back curtains, hang them from a lampshade, or loop them around a door knob. Where will you display […]

Halloween Gnomes Tutorial

Halloween Gnomes Tutorial

Even the gnomes are dressed up and in search of treats! Our monster mash gnomes are trick-or-treating as a witch and a vampire. Follow along to learn how to add a witch hat or cape to your gnome’s outfit.  Supplies: Grab a kit or gather the following supplies: Black felt Hot glue Scissors Fabric, ribbon […]

Velveteen Pumpkin Tutorial

Velveteen Pumpkin Tutorial

Grab a cup of coffee and stitch up some cozy fall vibes with this velveteen pumpkin tutorial. Scroll down to learn how to hand sew, stuff, and decorate this luxe gourd. Place them anywhere you need a touch of autumnal glamour. Supplies: Grab a kit or gather the following supplies: A circle of velveteen fabric […]

Silly Monsters Tutorial

As the leaves begin to fall, spooks of all kinds start to wander about and these silly monsters are no exception. Whether you make them short or tall, winged, fanged or grinning, these cute creatures are sure to put a smile on your face. Use your imagination to make a monster worthy of Dr. Frankenstein. […]

Spooky Garland Tutorial

Get in the creepy-cute mood while you create this spooky garland. Follow along with the pictures to learn how to make pom-poms, turn them into Halloween favorites, and string them together into a versatile decoration. Where will you hang your spooky garland?  Supplies: Grab a kit or gather the following supplies: Orange, black, and white […]