Kids Crochet: Beginner

Has your kiddo been asking to crochet for a while? Would you like them to learn a new skill that keeps their hands busy? Join us as we learn the basics of crochet as we create a simple pouch. We will learn how to chain stitch, single crochet and join edges of our finished work […]

The Homeschool Sessions: Fundamentals of Design (ages 6+)

This class meets Thursday  (Aug 10 – Oct 12) from 1-2:30pm | Ages 6 and up. This 8-week class will teach the Fundamentals of Art. For the first 30 minutes of class, students will discover an element of art, examine real artists’ work and be guided through the process of making a piece incorporating the […]

Cardboard Loom Weaving

Yarn is one of our favorite materials to work with at Make.Do. In this class, we will use all sorts of yarn to create a woven piece of art. Join us as we learn how to weave and finish a piece, similar to the loom weavings that are so popular these days. Ages 6 and […]

Silly Bugs

The kit is now a class! Join us for an expanded version of our Silly Bug kit. We will take pom-poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and fairy film to create bugs unlike you have ever seen in nature. To make sure our bugs feel at home, we will also place them in a jar…with air […]

Animal Portraits

This is not your average animal picture. Join us as we take 3D elements, paint and some imagination to create a piece of art worthy of your home gallery. We combine egg cartons and cardboard to make a three dimensional picture, complete with its own frame! Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a […]

Origami Animals

A fold here and a crease there and before you know it, you have an adorable kitten, bunny or bird. Celebrate the coming of spring as we craft little critters out of paper. Join us as we learn to make 3 different animals from paper. Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a weekly […]

Fuzzy Fuzzles

Have you ever met a Fuzzle? They are round, fuzzy creatures with big personalities. Join us as we turn hand-made pom-poms into adorable characters. We will make one for ourselves and one for a friend to brighten their day. Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a weekly craft class that focuses on fun, […]

Pencil Buddies

A friend is never too far away. We can even make a few! In this class we will use pipe cleaners, beads and paper to create cute creations that hug your pencil. These little buddies are too adorable not to share so we will make two! Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a […]

Valentine Cards

Letting others know that you care is important. So is creativity! In this class we will combine both as we create valentines for the people we care about. Paper, paint, glue, buttons and baubles are all fair game as we explore some new techniques for card-making. Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a […]

Cardboard Initials

Let’s share our creativity! In this class we will be making decorated initials for ourselves and another person. After decorating the first letter of our first name, we will choose another person to create a letter for. Ages 6 and up. “Mondays with Madison” is a weekly craft class that focuses on fun, creativity and […]