Wintergreen Watercolor Tutorial

O, Christmas tree, how difficult you are to bring inside! These watercolor tree paintings are much simpler to display in your home and are a joy to make. Using only few colors and some simple techniques, you can enjoy these evergreens well beyond the Christmas season. This painting is taught by Elizabeth Reeves and has […]

Kids’ Watercolor

This stained-glass-inspired class will walk your child through the steps of creating these vibrant paintings. It’s great for any child looking to dip their toes into watercolor or who just want to paint something colorful. Each child will get to design, draw and paint two stained-glass-inspired pictures in this one day class. 1st Grade and […]

Kids’ Watercolor

Ignite your kid’s passion for paint in this one-day watercolor class. Your child will learn to paint a lovely skyline while learning to use salt and tape for cool effects. No previous painting experience required. 1st Grade and up. This class is best suited for kids comfortable holding a brush and those who don’t mind […]

Landscape Watercolor

watercolor landscape

Elizabeth Reeves is leading us through the Floral Watercolor class. Come paint a series of three flowers as we explore the basics of watercolor. All supplies will be provided.

Quarantine Craft Camp: Watercolor

Quarantine Craft Camp: Watercolor A lot of times, we use “creative” and “artistic” interchangeably. When we say things like, “I’m not creative”, what we really mean is “I’m not artistic.” Because the truth is that every one is creative. Yes, even you! That doesn’t mean that creativity will come easily for everyone, it just means […]