Word of the Year Embroidery

Happy New Year and welcome to our virtual studio, where you can Make.Do. at home. Now you can participate in our mission of creativity, connection, and compassion from anywhere

Choosing a “word of the year” is an excellent way to set your priorities and intentions for the coming months. This embroidery project (1) gives you the opportunity to contemplate your word while you spend an hour or so staring at it and (2) a piece of art that can serve as a createfull reminder throughout the year. 

This tutorial is fairly long. There are some troubleshooting tips sprinkled throughout, so feel free to leave it running in the background while you work… it’ll almost be like we’re in a class together.

Things to grab before you start:

A Createfull Benediction for the Word of the Year Embroidery:

Coming to a class at Make.Do. is not just about the skill of creativity… it’s also about all the things the creative process itself has to offer. Since we can’t have these conversation in-person at the studio, let us share this createfull benediction instead…  

With cliches like “New Year, new you” ringing in our ears, it’s easy to either obsess about all the things we want to change about ourselves or completely avoid potential failure by not making any changes at all.

May taking the next hour or two to embroider this word help calm the mounting pressure to do everything right now. May you be reminded that change (and progress) happens one small stitch at a time.

And when you start to feel like you aren’t doing enough or nothing will ever change, may your finished embroidery art help you remain grounded in your priorities and intentions for 2021.

You did it!

Of course, we miss getting to chat with you and admire your work! We want to see what you made. Be sure to tag Make.Do. if you share it on social media so we can brag on you. 

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